Hiring and retaining employees is a big deal. Trust, but verify.

Your company is only as safe and trustworthy as its employees, so protect your organization's assets, customers, employees, and professional reputation by making background checks a critical component of your hiring and retention strategies.

HIRING: Before making your next hiring decision, contact us to verify your candidate's background.

RETENTION: Circumstances change, so don’t rely on years-old background checks for existing employees.

  • Can you be sure that your accounts payable clerk hasn’t been convicted of theft after being hired?
  • Has the home healthcare provider that you hired four years ago been charged with domestic violence?
  • Has your delivery driver been convicted of traffic violations since the first day of work?

    We can answer those questions. Give us a call to get started today.

    We research the following histories:

  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • Educational
  • Employment
  • Professional Licenses
  • Sex Offender Registry

    Do your employees know what harassment looks like? Are you willing to expose your company to legal ramifications if they don't?

    Our training is designed to increase awareness and lower your company's risk of occurrences of harassment and bullying.

    We offer a live, half-day course, which is ideal for both managers and employees. The course covers:

  • The definition harassment
  • Types of harassment
  • Examples of harassment and bullying
  • How to recognize the behavior
  • What to do if you witness it or are the subject of it, and
  • How to prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • Onsite and offsite group training options are available.

    Need videos, posters, or other harassment awareness supplies, visit our Harassment Prevention Training store.


    Get OSHA supplies delivered right to your doorstep.

    We carry:

  • ADA Signage
  • Compliance Solutions in a Box
  • Exit Signs
  • First Aid Kits
  • OSHA Posters
  • Recordkeeping Kits
  • Safety DVDs
  • Written Safety Plans
  • and much more.
  • Check out our online OSHA store today!