Background Checks

Hiring and retaining employees is a big deal. Don't risk your reputation by walking a tightrope!

Your company is only as safe and trustworthy as its employees, so protect your organization's assets, customers, employees, and professional reputation by making background checks a critical component of your hiring and retention strategies.

Hiring: Before making your next hiring decision, contact us to verify your candidate's background. See below for the types of background checks that we offer.

Retention: Circumstances change, so don’t rely on years-old background checks for existing employees.
  • Can you be sure that your accounts payable clerk hasn’t been convicted of theft after being hired?
  • Has the home healthcare provider that you hired four years ago been charged with domestic violence?
  • Has your delivery driver been convicted of traffic violations since the first day of work?
  • We can answer those questions. Give us a call to get started today.

    We research the following histories