If you're like most small business owners, you have four choices for your HR solutions:

    1. Do everything yourself (not that you have the time or expertise.)
    2. Spend the average $70,000 for an experienced HR manager.
    3. Promote an internal, but less-experienced employee. While you'll save money, who will provide them with adequate training?
    4. Hire an outsourced HR Management expert.

Pathway provides competent, responsive full-service support to businesses facing any number of human resources challenges. Perhaps an organizational restructuring is on the horizon and you aren’t sure where to turn, or you’ve got too much to handle internally and need more bench strength. Whether your company is experiencing significant growth or you want to relieve your overburdened team of professionals, we’re here with knowledgeable experts to provide the solutions and strategies that are right for you.

Our depth of experience, flexible plans, and custom solutions are designed to respond to the needs of organizations of all types and sizes. Our HR outsourcing services allow our clients to realize the best results from their people and their workplace cultures. When you choose the Pathway HR Solutions, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from minimized risk and unparalleled support. We make it easy to get your business on the right track.

If you want real and impactful HR solutions, option 4 is the only real choice.

Our outsourcing solutions allow us to cover all of your HR needs. As a client, you will receive ongoing support that is tailored to suit the specific needs of your business with dependable, strategic. and tactical services. If you haven’t given serious thought to outsourcing, the range of tasks that can be offloaded to us might surprise you. As our client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated, experienced professional to handle all of your HR needs, including:

  • Performance Management
  • Development of Policies, Procedures, & Processes
  • Development of Career Paths
  • Defining Training & Development Needs
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits Management

    Outsourced HR services can produce significant savings as compared to employing a full-time qualified HR professional, which can cost between $70,000-120,000 annually – not including the additional expense of benefits, taxes, workspace, HR resources, and training.


    Outsourcing provides access to knowledgeable consultants who have first-hand experience facilitating HR services across a variety of industries. Our HR professionals strive to be the first to know about policy and regulation changes that can affect your workplace.


    Full documentation of all HR processes allows other members of our team to step in and provide support when necessary. Companies don’t have to worry about any one individual holding the keys to their specific duties and responsibilities.


    Companies can customize support services and onsite schedules that work best for them. Whether managing benefits, providing employee relations, coaching and counseling, or conducting interviews, HR outsourcing provides maximum flexibility.